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AshtonDualler Ashton Dualler TSB (ACOUSTIC-ELECTRIC GUITAR)
- Written by Craig White -

Made China
Top Sitka ( Solid)
Back/Sides Flame Maple
Neck Maple
Fretboard Rosewood
Frets 20
Bridge Rosewood
Pre-Amp B-Band A3T
Controls 3-band EQ. Presence, Volume
Onboard Tuner

"Another outstandingly good student guitar designed down-under."

We've seen a number of solid-body electrics that have incorporated a piezo pick-up in recent years. Indeed, the Ibanez SA-320X is featured elsewhere in this issue. In the Ashton Dualler, however, we have an instrument that takes the versatile approach from the other end of the guitar equation. With both a piezo (standard with the modern electric-acoustic guitars) and a magnetic pick-up mounted at the soundhole (the earlier approach to acoustic amplification) the Dualler generates a blended signal via either a standard or XLR jack.

Retailing for less than $300, it is hard to believe that the Dualler could effectively deliver all that it promises, however Ashton have surprised us often enough to make us take a very long look before we start dismissing any of their gear.

Magnetic Attraction

Soundhole-mounted magnetic pick-ups have been arouns as long as amplification and are still quite popular today. The wooden Dean Markley soundhole pick-up was ubiquitous a few years back and it is not alone in the marketplace; there are literally magnetic single-coil pick-up that wraps around the top of the soundhole, which is a beautifully subtle design and barely noticeable at the end of the neck.

Australis Music

PROS: Great looking, Solid build quality, B-Band pre-amp system is pretty good, Feels nice to play
CONS: Minor finishing flaws, though as this model was a prototype I can’t imagine this will be an ongoing issue"

Ashton Dualler TSB

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